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Able Auctions conducts approximately ten live auctions every month. Our auctions range from monthly and bi-weekly auctions with multiple consignors at one of our three permanent locations; to exclusive on-site business closure auctions.

Surrey Facility

Able Surrey hosts consumer goods & office furniture/equipment auctions. Able Surrey is located a short drive from downtown Vancouver and is situated in the heart of British Columbia's fastest growing city.  We've just added once a month Police Recovery auctions.  They include recovered items from the various police departments in the lower mainland like bikes, jewellery, tools & electronics.

Langley North Facility

Able Langley is our most centrally located auction facility and draws huge crowds every sale from the surrounding communities of: Surrey, Langley, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Burnaby, Coquitlam and beyond. Able Langley regularly has attendances of over one thousand registered bidders. This mass of bidders is attracted by the diverse business assets and inventories plus government vehicles we sell on a monthly basis. Auctions at our Langley facility always have the most diverse collection of assets for sale ranging regularly from dump trucks to mini vans; from restaurant equipment to metal shop equipment, retail inventories and bailiff seized goods.

Langley South Facility

Able South Langley conducts an auction every Wednesday with each auction taking on its own personality depending on the variety of items on that day. Bailiff seized storage lockers and the variety and mystery that they bring are a huge draw to our auctions. Jewellery, home furnishings, consumer electronics, store returned inventories, collectables and just about anything and everything else can be found at these weekly auction events.

On-Site Auctions

For business owners looking for a quick and lucrative way to exit their current location for any reason, on-site auctions are a great resource that Able Auctions provides. Able staff will attend your facility, conduct a thorough set up process, inventorying and photographing every item; we advertise these auctions heavily and the attendance and bidding is always strong. Able staff take care of every aspect of these auctions from beginning to end.


All of our auctions are live online. You can place pre bids or participate real time with the live auction.


From time to time we come across retail inventories too large to take to auction. These inventories can be anything from clothing stores to large retail insurance claims where the damage is minimal. The orderly liquidation of retail inventories is a great way to control the sales process while also capturing the excitement of a legitimate savings opportunity for the public. In the past, we have had line ups of in excess of one thousand people for the opening of our liquidation events. These are exciting, fast moving, fluid events that are a great option to conducting an unreserved auction.


The valuation of machinery and equipment requires more than ‘a google search’.  The expert appraisers at Able Auctions have over seventy five years of experience in actually selling industrial machinery and equipment.  Why is that important?  Because in order to properly value a machine shop or production line or even just a piece of equipment; you must know who the buyers are; how many buyers there are and are they in a buying mood.  Practical, on the ground experience; that is what we bring to our appraisals.  Fair market valuations for financing or insurance purposes; or a liquidation valuation for the purposes of conducting an orderly sale of the assets; either way, Able Auctions can get your appraisal done in a timely and discreet manner.


Able Auctions takes in hundreds of consignments every month ranging from valuable collectables to vehicles and industrial equipment. With our various locations, we will direct your consignment to the right building and right auction to maximize sales. We take the opportunity to sell your consigned goods very seriously; we know that we have one opportunity to sell those items and the more we sell them for - the more you get, the more we get; the happier we all are.
Consignment rates can range anywhere from ten percent to thirty five percent depending primarily on the equation of: value of goods vs. how much work is involved to sell the goods.
In 90 percent of all cases, consignors will end up with more money at the end of the day than they will by selling us the goods directly. However there are no guarantees and on occasion, we the sellers value the product more than the buyers do.



Business Closures – Large Inventories – Insolvencies – Bailiff Seizures – Insurance Claims – Office Furnishings & Equipment – Warehouse Closures
Jeremy Dodd

Government Contracts – Fleet or Individual Vehicles – Boats or Trailers - Restaurant Equipment -Jewellery – Tools & Equipment
Rob Kavanagh

Finance or Insurance Appraisals – Large Industrial Sites – Insolvency Sales
Danny Mose

Antiques – Estates - Storage Lockers – Art & Collectables
Sam Garandza

Antiques – Estates - Storage Lockers – Art & Collectables
Dean Fougere

Large Collections - BC First Nations Art & Carvings
Jeremy Dodd