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For help selling your assets email: or call: 604-881-2253, toll free 1-800-910-1211

Able Auctions specializes in the sale of business assets and inventories.  From a single item selling at one of our regularly scheduled specialty auctions to liquidating entire manufacturing facilities; we have a proven record of success.  We understand the needs of businesses both large and small and are experienced in working with the business owner / manager, financial isntitutions, attorneys and government agencies.  With over 140 auctions conducted in 2017, Able Auctions has a database and buyer base superior to our competition. 

The fact of the matter is; the physical act of conducting an auction actually represents about 10% of the amount of work going into completing that auction.  From producing and placing advertising in multiple mediums, to producing both phusical and on line catalogues with thousands of pictures and detailed descriptions; the work has just started.  In reality, the work started years ago, as we developed proprietary software and systems that ensure the auction flows smoothly, as we trained the industries most experienced staff to deal with all situations and as we have trained our staff for years to properly manage the dismantling and removal of the auction items; completing a successful auction is not a simple process.

This is our job, we do it with pride, we do the absolute best job we can with every auction knowing that each auction is a one time opportunity to get it right.  Look at our website, look at our competitions' web site; trust in our experiece and expertise to do the job right.

Regardless of what you have to sell, email:, we will pass your request on to our expert most suited to help you.  Prefer to call us, call the head office at 604-881-2253 or toll free 1-800-910-1211

Able Auctions sells:

- Heavy equipiment

- Contracting equipment

- Metal, wood and plastics machinery

- Computers and electronics

- Offices

- Restaurants

- Food processing and manufacturing equipment

- Cars, pickups, 4x4's, SUVs, vans and trailers

- Police seizures and recoveries

- Biotech and medical equipment

- Retail inventories

- Home improvement inventories

- Unclaimed and rejected freight

- We have a collectables and estate division

- We conduct appraisals of industrial equipment

In fact, if you have something to sell, email us; if it isn't for us; we will point you in the right direction.

For further information please call: (604) 881-2253 or 1-800-910-1211

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