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Wed. Mar. 27, 2019 | 11:00 AM
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2214 Vauxhall Place, Richmond, British Columbia
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A developmental thermal lining plant that uses intense radiant energy to rapidly melt and bond an alloy metal or vitreous enamel lining to the interior of pipe and tube.  Developed to line heavier wall pipe with high melt nickel alloys for offshore and critical service performance, this plant has equal capability to line transmission and service pipe with vitreous enamels.

Pipe handling module with coating station and lamphead base with tracks, replacement value $298,010.00.

Plasma arc lamps PSU (3 towers), replacement value $185,625.00

AC/DC converter and communication tower, replacement value $15,420.00

Control module, replacement value $6,880.00

Water cooling module, replacement value $16,340.00

Lamp array support, replacement value $7,430.00

3 phase drive isolation (six pulse rectifier) transformer, replacement value $17,880.00

AC/DC auto transformer, replacement value $8,100.00

Induction heating coil, replacement value $9,625.00

Induction heating PSU with water cooling system, replacement value $49,998.00

Office furniture for about 10 people including desks, chairs, boardroom and more.

pressure washers, tool cabinets, cast iron pipe, and more.



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