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Tue. May. 18, 2021 | 9:30 AM

Jewelry Highlights:

14k Diamond (2.03ct) Diamond (0.13ct) Ring Size 7

14k Diamond (1.2ct) Ring Size 6.5

14k Diamond (1.55ct) Diamond (0.14ct) Ring Size 7

14k Diamond (2ct) Earrings

Silver Sapphire (22ct) Set

18k Natural Ruby (2.4ct) Earrings

14k Champagne Diamond (1.02ct) Earrings

14k Diamond (0.75ct) Earrings

10k Tanzanite (2.1ct) Diamond(0.2ct) Ring Size 6

10k Natural Ruby (1.25ct) Diamond (0.07ct) Ring Size 7.5

14k Diamond (0.75ct) Earrings

14k Diamond (0.72ct) Earrings

10k Natural Zultanite(1ct) Diamond(0.12ct) Ring Size 6.5

14k Diamond (0.4ct) Necklace

14k Diamond (0.72ct) Earrings

14k Diamond (0.52ct) Earrings

10k Blue Sapphire(1.3ct) Diamond(0.04ct) Ring Size 6.5

10k Moissanite (1.5ct) Earrings

10k Moissanite (1.5ct) Earrings

14k Diamond (0.25ct) Earrings

Silver Freshwater Natural Pearl Necklace

14k Rainbow Sapphires Necklace 16”

10k Black Diamond(0.9ct) Ring Size 6.5

Silver 27gm Necklace 22”

10k Engraving Bracelet 6.5”

Silver 30gm Cuban Necklace 18”

10k White &Yellow Gold Pendant

Black Diamond(0.5ct)

10k Engraving Bracelet 6.5” (Missing Clasp)

10k Tanzanite (3.0ct) Diamond (0.72ct) Ring Size 7.5

14k Diamond (0.1ct) Earrings

10k Cross Pendant

10k Cz Earrings

10k White Gold 16” Necklace


Amethyst Geodes:

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $4998, 31.75kg Approx 10"W X 25"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $4998, 32.20kg Approx 12"W X 13"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $36.98, 13.55kg Approx 8"W X 16"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $2498.98, 11.40kg Approx 8"W X 12"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $2488.98, 9.15kg Approx 6.5"W X 14.5"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $248.98, 8.70kg Approx 12.5"W X 8"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $988.88, 6.35kg Approx 10"W X 6"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $688.88, 3.8kg Approx 7"W X 5.5"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $688.88, 3.55kg Approx 8.5"W X 7"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $688.88, 3.25kg Approx 8"W X 7"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $688.88, 3.30kg Approx 6"W X 6"H

Amethyst Geode Cathedral Retail $688.88, 2.15kg Approx 5.5"W X 6"H

Rose Quartz And Amethyst Geode Cathedral 2.20kg, Retail $698.98

Amethyst Titanium And Amethyst Geode Cathedral 2.15kg, Retail $698.98

Selenite Stick And Amethyst Geode Cathedral 1.85kg, Retail $988.88

Black Tourmaline And Amethyst Geode Cathedral 2.20kg, Retail $698.98


And Large Assortment Of Gemstones Coming In As Well



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