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1991 Pierce Ladder Truck, Red, Diesel, Automatic, Vin#4p1ct01g8ma900605, 77,965 Miles, 4 Icbc Declarations No Details

1973 Chevrolet 2whdr, Cheyenne Super 20, Orange, Gas, Automatic, Vin#Ccy2431118324, 5 Digit Odometer Tmu, *Reads 91,475 Miles*, 6 Icbc Repaired Declarations $3240.08

2008 Dodge Sprinter Van, White, Diesel, Automatic, Vin#Wd0bf445885250556, 53,995kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac, Rust Spots All Over, 2 Icbc Repaired Declarations 8598.78

2007 Gmc Savana, Cargo Van With Storage, White, Gas, Automatic, Vin#1gthg35v171194031, 70,238kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Th,Tw,Ac, Rust Sd Door And Front Bumper, 1 Icbc Declaration No Details, 1 Icbc Repaired Declaration $431.28

2008 Honda Crv, 4drsw, White, Gas, Automatic, Vin#5j6re48388l805909, 72,827kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac, No Icbc Declarations

2008 Honda Civic, 4drsd, White, Gas, Automatic, Vin#2hgfa16418h001111, 104,230kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac, 1 Icbc Declaration $551.65

2007 Honda Civic, 4drsd, White, Gas, Automatic, Vin#2hgfa16547h005175, 166,136kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac, 1 Icbc Declarations No Details, Worn Interior, Work Lights

2002 Wilderness Travel Trailer, White, *Rebuilt*, Vin #1ed1l252222476524



*Found in Each Vehicle Description According to that Lot’s Equipment*

AC - Air Conditioning, HS - Heated Seats, RA - Rear Air Conditioning, AW - Alloy Wheels, LT - Leather Trim, RD – Radio, CC - Cruise Control , PL - Power Locks, SR - Sun Roof, CD - Compact Disc, PS - Power Seats,TH - Trailer Hitch, CR - Cassette Radio, PW - Power Windows, TW - Tilt Wheel, DV - Digital Video, QS - Quad Seats, 4W - Four Wheel Drive, “NO DECS” – ‘NO DECLARATIONS’, At least one ICBC claim with no details recorded, “OOP” – ‘Out of Province’ “OOC” – ‘Out Of Country’, Vehicle has been registered outside BC but is now certified for BC, Or USA,“RE” – ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’ Salvage vehicle that has passed the Motor Vehicle Act Structural, DEC & DEC TTL (Declaration totaling) - The amount ICBC has on record for claims. These claims have been repaired & paid for unless otherwise noted. (If you purchase this vehicle you would not owe any amount for the DEC(s), EST & EST TTL -  Estimate. This is a claim that has been seen by ICBC that hasn’t been put through yet. Or they have gone elsewhere to do the repair work.ICBC NO DETAILS – This claim has been reported to ICBC and has been repaired at an Non-ICBC repair shop. All Vehicles are verified by Able Auctions to be free of any liens


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