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6 bench top multi meters, 3 scopes, 3 V/I sources, 2 DC power supplies, 4 signal generators, 1 cap meter, 1 spectrum analyzer, 1 power meter, 1 PoE tester, 1 magnifier, 1 dry well, 1 frequency counter, 3 temp chambers,  2 temp/rh chambers, 1 flammables cabinet, 14 Lab Magnifying Lamps, Leica A60 Stereo Microscopes, Precision Incubator, 40 Bio Fit Pneumatic Fully Adjustable Lab Chairs, Stainless Steel Tab Tables.
-GW Instek GFG-802HH Function Generator

-Sifos Technologies PDA-300 Powered Device Analyzer for PoE+

-Agilent E3611A Variable DC Power Supply

-HP 436A Power Meter

-Keithley 2400 Sourcemeter

-Espec BM120 laboratory heat chamber

-3x HP 34401A Multimeter

-Keithley 230 Programmable Voltage Source

-Keithley 224 Programmable Current Source

-Fluke 9190A Field Metrology Well

-Agilent 53131A 225 MHz Universal Counter

-2x Espec Laboratory Heat Chambers


Make                                       Description                                                     Model                      Quantity

Advantest pulse pattern generator D3186 2
Advantest Error Detector D3286 1
Agilent Sysfail E1482B 4
Agilent Sysfail E1482B 1
Agilent Analyzer for Infiniband E2951A 1
Agilent Central Clock E4805B 4
Agilent 10.8G Clock Source E4808a 5
Agilent 675Mhz front ends E4835az 7
Agilent 675Mhz front ends E4838A 7
Agilent analyzer mods E4861a 25
Agilent Gen Analyzer E4861b 1
Agilent Gen Analyzer E4867a 1
Agilent Data Analyzer E4869B 2
Agilent Signaling Advisor E7907A 1
Agilent Router Tester E7913A 1
Agilent VX1 Mainframe E8403A 3
Agilent Coaxial Fixed Attenuator E8491B 1
Agilent Sysfail E8491B 2
Agilent Embedded PC Controller E9850A 1
Agilent Axil Chassis M9502a 0
Agilent System Module M9505-00130  
Agilent Embedded Controller M9536A 1
Agilent ATM Test Set N1737a 1
Agilent Probe for PCI Express N4220A 1
Agilent Probe for PCI Express N4220B 0
Agilent Generator N4872A 0
Agilent MIPI D-PHY Interface Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser U4421A 1
Alcatel Laser Diode A1948FBG 1
Anritsu Signaling Tester MD8430A 2
Anritsu   MD843A 1
Anritsu Signalling Tester MD8470A 1
Anritsu Signaling Unit MD8475A 1
Anritsu Signalling Tester MD8480c 3
Anritsu Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834L 1
anritsu   MG3670b 1
Anritsu Tunable Laser Source MG9638a 1
Anritsu Combiner Unit MN7463A 1
Anritsu RF Search Unit MN7465A 1
Anritsu Combiner Unit MN8141A 1
Anritsu Error Detector MP1776A 1
Anritsu Jitter Analyzer MP1777A 1
Anritsu   MP1812A 1
Anritsu Radio Communications Analyzer MT8820A 0
Anritsu Signaling Tester, Main Frame ND8403a 1
Aria Technologies SC to FC Multimode DX, 50/125um 1 Meter HRA-SC FC-01M 5
Aria Technologies FC to FC SX, Multimode 50um, 1 Meter HRA015-FC FC-01M 8
Aria Technologies FC to FC SX, Multimode 50um, 1 Meter HRA015-FC FC-01M 8
Aria Technologies FC to FC SX, Multimode 50um, 3 Meters HRA015-FC FC-03M 8
Aria Technologies SC/APC to FC/UPC SX Multimode, 50um, 3 Meters HRA015-SC/APC FC/UPC-03M 8
Aria Technologies SC/APC to FC/UPC SX Multimode, 50um, 12 Inches HRA015-SC/APC FC/UPC-12N 7
Aria Technologies FC to FC SX, Multimode 62,5um, 1 Meter HRA016-FC FC-01M 8
Aria Technologies FC to FC MM, SX, 62.5/125um 3 Feer HRA016-FC FC-03F 4
Aria Technologies FC to FC SX, Multimode 62,5um, 3 Meters HRA016-FC FC-03M 9
Aria Technologies SC to FC Multimode Sx, 62.5/125um 3mm 2 Meter HRA016-SC FC-02M 13
Aria Technologies SC to SC, MM Simplex 62.5/125um, 1.5M HRA016-SC SC-1.5M 8
Aria Technologies LC to FC,MM Simplex 50/125um, 12N LMRA015-LC FC-12N 3
Aria Technologies LC to SC, SX Multimode 50um, 16 inch LMRA015-LC SC-16N 4
Aria Technologies MM 50/125um Orange, 625/125um Gray, Minicord SX LMRA025/6-LCD U2-03 Meters 4
Aria Technologies LC to SC Multimode Dx, 62.5/125um 1.5 Meters LMRA026-LCD SCD-1.5M 3
Aria Technologies fc to FC, Multimode 62.5um, 13 inches LZHA016-FC FC-13N 4
Aria Technologies FC to FC, Multimode 62.5um, 25 inches LZHA016-FC FC-25N 5
Astron DC Power Supply RS-7A 1
Azimuth Wireless and Test Emulation ACE MX 2
Azimuth Channel Emulator ACE MX 4
Azimuth 4 Channel Fade Emulator ACE MX2 1
Copan MAID Cabinet 220T 1
Dolan-Jenner   High Intensity Illuminators  150 1
Dolan-Jenner   High Intensity Illuminators  180 2
Dolan-Jenner   High Intensity Illuminators  170D 1
Dynascan Corp TRI-Output Power Supply 1650 1
Etek 2 stage WDM isolators 91000193-020 4795
Etek singal stage WDM isolators 91000289-001 578
FDK Corp   YM6060 1
Flatpac DC Power Supply 24V 4.2A 100W Low-Profile VI-LU3-EW 1
HLI Communication Test System 3701 1
HP Digital Communication Analyzer 721 1
HP Laser Source with Modulation 8155a 1
HP Synthesized Sweeper 83752b 1
HP Signal Generator 8656B 1
HP GSM / DCS / ECS / MS / test set 8922p & 83220E 1
HP  TDMA Base Station Test Set e6381a 1
Infrared Analysis UV Lamp Bank Power Supply PG940525 1
JCA RF Amplifiers JCA48-4111B1 69
JDS Uniphase Optical Sampling Modules 10020484 5
JDSU Test Point TS-170 2
KD Optics Tec Controller NT5A2 3
Keithly RF Power Analyzer 2800 1
Lecroy Disk Drive Analyzer LSA1225 1
Lucent Tech   2623NA 1207
Marconi Instruments Cellular Test System 2958 1
Marconi Instruments Radio Communications Test Set 2955A 1
Melles Griot PiezoElectric Controller Module 17MPZ001 1
Melles Griot melles griot w/thorlabs kinematic mount   2
Melles Griot PiezoElectric Controller Module 17MPZ001 1
Open Storage Solutions   GTB-504001 1
Open Storage Solutions   TRB-5041 1
PowerEdge   R210 1
Rod-l Electronics Hipot Tester M100DC 1
Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generator SMIQ06B 1
SHF Demultiplexer SHF5002A 1
Speer Fiber Optics 10 dB Fixed In-line Attenuator SFO-FIL-110-0.3K-FC-SC 3
SPIRENT Spacial Channel Emulator VR58C16D 1
Tektronix Optical Sampling Modules 80C05 1
Tektronix Logic Analyzer P680 16
Tektronix Logic Analyzer Probe for TLA7AXx, 34 Channels, High Density Copmression, Single Ended/Differential Clock, Single-Ended Data P6860 20
Tektronix TriMode Probe P7518 1
Tektronix Logic Analyzer Mainframe TEK TLA721 w/ 4 X TLA7AA4  
Tektronix Bench Top Controller TLA700 1
Tektronix Logic Analyzer TLA721 4
Tektronix 136 Channel A Model TLA7AA4 10
Tektronix 136-Channel LA TLA7AA4 ES/3P  7
VXI Optical Line E1697A 2
VXI Cell Protocol Processor E4209B 2
Wandel & Goltermann Internetwork Analyzer DA-30C 1
  8901a modulation analyzer 8901a 3
  Thermoelectric Cooler TEC1-12706 20
  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge   1
  UV Lamp Bank    


Even more to come!



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