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Sat. Jan. 18, 2020 | 9:30 AM
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19757 92A Ave, Langley, BC
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2019 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Trailboss, Grey, Crew Cab, Gas, Automatic, Vin#1gcpycef4kz264729, 9,345kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Dv,Cc,Aw,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac, 1 Icbc Total Theft Declaration No Details, 1 Icbc Repaired Declaration $2283.98

2006 Ford F-250 2dr Pu, White, Gas, Automatic, Vin # 1FTNF20556ED25895, 182,337kms, Rd,Tw,Ac, *Not Roadworthy Must Tow* Rust On Body, 5 Icbc Repaired Declarations Totaling $9057.68

2000 Ford F350 Superduty, White, 2drpu, Gas, Automatic, Vin#1FTSX30F4YED28918, 260,700kms, Rd,Tw, Rust Over Driver Side Wheel Wells, 1 Icbc Estimate $121.3

2004 Chevrolet Optra, Red, 4drsd, Gas, Automatic, Vin#KL1JK52Z34K926613, 22,014kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac, No Icbc Declarations

2003 Wells Cargo Box 16'x7' Trailer, Red, Vin#1WC200G2934049420, No Icbc Declarations, has shelving and cabinets

2002 Ford E-450 Super Duty Busy, White, Vin # 1FDXE45S72HA09568 165,016kms, Gas, Automatic Rd,Cd,Pw,Tw,Ac 7x Icbc No Details 6x Icbc Repaired Declarations $15,910.89

2001 Chevrolet Astro, 2dr Van, White, Vin # 1GCDM19W81B135431 190,363kms, Gas, Automatic Rd,Tw, Icbc Repaired Declarations $3,724.34

1996 Freightliner Firetruck, Pumper, Yellow Vin # 1FV64LYB8TL785591 304,943kms, Diesel, Automatic 1x Icbc No Details

2009 Hyundai Accent, 2dr Hatchback, Blue, Vin # KMHCN35C09U120725 171,670kms, Gas, Automatic Rd,Cd,Tw,Dead Battery Icbc Repaired Declarations Ttl $4,320.35

1979 Lincoln Continental, 4dr Sedan, Teal, Vin # 9Y82S726646 34,476miles *True Mileage Unknown*, Gas, Automatic, 1x Icbc No Details Icbc Estimate $1,210.21, Icbc Repaired Declarations Ttl $3,900.25

1979 Lincoln Continental, 4dr Sedan, Teal, Vin # 9Y82S726646 34,476miles *True Mileage Unknown*, Gas, Automatic, 1x Icbc No Details Icbc Estimate $1,210.21, Icbc Repaired Declarations Ttl $3,900.25

2003 Volkswagen Passat, 4dr Hatchback, Grey, Vin # WVWWH63B23E009583 172,115kms, Gas, Automatic Rd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Sr Icbc Repaired Declarations $1,312.44

2010 Ford Focus Ses, 2dr Coupe, Black, Vin # 1FAHP3DN4AW172879 96,634kms, Gas, Manual Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac,Sr,Hs Out Of Province, *Has Bc Registration*, Icbc Repaired Declarations $6,797.69 Oop Repaired Declarations $12,189.00 Oop Estimates $8,582.15

2011 Toyota Tundra, Black, Pickup, Gas, Automatic, Vin#5tfuy5f10bx180646, 215,524kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Th,Aw,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac,Lt, 1 Icbc Declaration No Details, 1 Icbc Estimate $192.77, 2 Icbc Repaired Declarations $9231.89, Dirty Interior, Leather Ripped Driver Side, Badly Cracked Windshield

2006 Ford F150, White, Pickup, Gas, Automatic, Vin#1ftrf12276kb70024, 217,997kms, Rd,Th,Ac, No Icbc Declarations, Headache Rack & Toolbox In Back

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Trailboss, Grey, Crew Cab,  Vin#1GCPYCEF4KZ264729, 9,345kms, Gas, Automatic, Rd,Cd,Pw,Dv,Cc,Aw,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac, 1 Icbc Total Theft Declaration No Details, 1 Icbc Repaired Declaration $2283.98

2006 Mitsubishi Flso Fe180, Dump Truck, Green, Vin # JL6CCH1S66K011169 429,221kms, Diesel, Automatic Rd,Cd,Pw, 1x Icbc No Details

2003 Ford F-750 Super Duty, Dump, White, Vin # 3FDPF75Y33MB01681 221,391kms, Diesel, Automatic Rd, X-City, Dirty Interior, Pintle Hitch, Tool Boxes On Side, Uppper Work Platform, No Icbc Declarations

2005 Volvo Vhd64, Dump Truck, White, Vin # 4V5KC9GH65N391987 378,134kms, Diesel, Manual Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac, X-City Langfab Stainless Dump Box, Has Front Plow Receiver, Centre Plow, Salter Unit

2003 Ford F-350 Xl Super Duty, Dump, White, Vin # 1FDWF36L33EC33644 120,303kms, Gas, Auto Rd,Th,Ac, No Icbc Declarations

2008 Tennant 6400 Sweeper, Multi Colored, Vin # 5381 465hours, Diesel X-City, No Icbc Declarations

2003 Gmc Sierra 15, 2dr Pu, White, Vin # 1GTEC19V03Z134752 229,929kms, Gas, Automatic Rd,Cd,Tw,Ac, X-City, No Icbc Declarations, *Must Tow, Does Not Start, Not Roadworthy*

2 x 29’8”, 40 Ton Lifting Frames Matek Industries engineered separator lifting
4x 114.25”, 20 Ton Lifting Frames Matek Industries engineered separator lifting


*Found in Each Vehicle Description According to that Lot’s Equipment*

AC - Air Conditioning, HS - Heated Seats, RA - Rear Air Conditioning, AW - Alloy Wheels, LT - Leather Trim, RD – Radio, CC - Cruise Control , PL - Power Locks, SR - Sun Roof, CD - Compact Disc, PS - Power Seats,TH - Trailer Hitch, CR - Cassette Radio, PW - Power Windows, TW - Tilt Wheel, DV - Digital Video, QS - Quad Seats, 4W - Four Wheel Drive, “NO DECS” – ‘NO DECLARATIONS’, At least one ICBC claim with no details recorded, “OOP” – ‘Out of Province’ “OOC” – ‘Out Of Country’, Vehicle has been registered outside BC but is now certified for BC, Or USA,“RE” – ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’ Salvage vehicle that has passed the Motor Vehicle Act Structural, DEC & DEC TTL (Declaration totaling) - The amount ICBC has on record for claims. These claims have been repaired & paid for unless otherwise noted. (If you purchase this vehicle you would not owe any amount for the DEC(s), EST & EST TTL -  Estimate. This is a claim that has been seen by ICBC that hasn’t been put through yet. Or they have gone elsewhere to do the repair work.ICBC NO DETAILS – This claim has been reported to ICBC and has been repaired at an Non-ICBC repair shop. All Vehicles are verified by Able Auctions to be free of any liens



The Auction at no time assumes responsibility for the odometer reading, year, make or model of any vehicle.  All vehicles do not meet the minimum requirements of the MVA. It is understood that repairs, some expensive, may be required to allow this vehicle to pass any required inspections, allowing it to be registered for road use in compliance with the MVA.


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