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Wed. Feb. 27, 2019 | 11:00 AM
Preview: Tuesday February 26th, 2019 10:00am - 4:00pm
8-11411 Blacksmith Place, Richmond, British Columbia
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Complete high capacity noodle factory including 120' long modular drying room.

Everything manufactured in 2013 and bought new in 2014.

Super Hot AAA Series mod. AAA-720-N-M natural gas boiler

GuoJian 4 station hi capacity continuous dough rolling machine

2 x GuoJian 3 station hi capacity continuous dough rolling machine

GuoJian 2 station hi capacity continuous dough rolling machine

10 x rolling ss noodle drying carts

3 x GuoJian metered noodle machines

2 x H-First KZ-000 in line dry noodle scale

Harvest HWJ-400 noodle wrapping / sealing machine

12' x 124' modular noodle drying room with multiple fans, radiant heating and chain driven conveyor system; comes with 25 extra panels

GuoJian automatic hobbing cutter

several ss tables, assorted sizes

GuoJian 1000L alkalai water mixing tank

GuoJian HM50 double shaft double speed horizontal dough mixer

GuoJian JS200 dough rippen machine

15' elevated belt conveyor

and more.


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