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Fri. May. 14, 2021 | 9:30 AM
Preview: Wednesday, May 13th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm *no preview Thursday due to Wed auction pick up
19757 92A Ave, Langley, BC

*Preview is Wednesday May 12th 9am to 4:30 (no preview Thursday)

Large inventory of commercial quality professional audio and visual equipment; all well maintained, top quality equipment inc.:


Equipment Brand Model QTY
Speaker Stand Yorkville   4
Speaker Stand QuikLock   4
Mic Stand   Tall Straight stand with base 2
Mic Stand   Table Mic stand 1
Mic Stand   Kick Mic  1
Equipment Brand Model QTY
Mixer Rane TTM57SL 1
Mixer DJM DJM 800 1
Mixer Yamaha LS9-32 1
Equipment Brand Model QTY
Snake     1
Snake     1
Wireless ClearCom Telex BTR-700 1
Wired Com Clearcom RS602 3
Playback Pioneer CDJ 2000 2
Playback Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 1



Brand Model QTY
Samsung UE55 2
Sharp Quattron LC-80 LE-632U 1
Acer 22" LCD Computer Monitor 1
Stumpfl 7.5'x10' 2
Chief   4
Analog Way Pulse 300 1
Barco DCS-100 1
DSAN Perfect Cue Mini 1
Extron 301 TX 2
Extron 301 RX 2
Extron 201 TX 4
Extron 201 RX  4
Extron 5v Power supply 15+
Extron HDMI DA 1x4 1
Extron HDMI DA 1x2 1
Kramer DVI DA 1x2 VM2HDCP 1
Kramer DVI DA 1x12 4
Gefen HDMI to HD SDI 1
Generic HDMI DA 1x2 1
AJA HI5 Plus 1
Magenta 1x9 UTP DA 1
Magenta HD One LX Tx/Rx 1
Magenta HD One HDMI Extender Tx/Rx 1


Brand Model QTY
Chauvet Slim Par Hex 3 8
Chauvet SLim Par Hex 6 16
  LED Panels 36W IP65 30
Martin Atomic 3000 2
High End System SolaSpot Pro 1500 CMY 4
  SP250 2
Elation Platinum Spot 5R 2
RC4 Wireless DMX Transceiver 3
Chauvet DMX opto 1
Spectrum 8-way DMX distro Opto-Isolator 1
Chauvet Pro-D6 2
ADJ Innon Scan LED 50 6
Martin  DC2 2
Martin  EF1 2
Geni Shimmer 6
Generic LED Tubes 40
Generic PAR 64 LED 2
Chauvet Double Derby 1
  50mw Green Laser 1
Leprecon Dimmer Rack with Cam Lock 1
ADJ UV Bar Plus 4
ADJ Sparkle LED  2



Equipment Brand Model QTY
Truss Christie 12"x12"x8' Box Truss 12
Truss   12"X12"x8' Box Truss 8
Truss   12"x12"x12" Corner blocks 6
Truss   12"x12"x3' 4
Truss   12"x12"x4' 1
Truss Bolts   short and long bolts 180
Truss Base Plates Christie 20"x20" Base Plates 8
Scaffolding   Aluminum Scaffolding (5ft high) 2
Scaffolding   Aluminum Scaffolding (3ft high) 2
Scaffolding   Cross Braces 1
Scaffolding   screw Jacks 2
Rigging    5/8 Shackles 6
Rigging    Spansets 4
Rigging    Safety Cables



Model QTY Notes  
XLR 25+ 4'  
XLR 25+ 8'  
XLR 25+ 16'  
XLR 25+ 24'  
XLR 25 48'  
XLR 6 96'  
Multi Cable (XLR M-F 9ch)  1 50'  
Multi Cable (XLR M-F 9ch)  1 10'  
Multi Cable (XLR M-F 9ch)  1 5'  
AC 7 4' (12/3 SJOOW)  
AC 10 8' (12/3 SJOOW)  
AC 20+ 8' (14/3)  
AC 15 16' (12/3 SJOOW)  
AC 20+ 16' (14/3)  
AC 15 24' (12/3 SJOOW)  
AC 5 48' (12/3 SJOOW)  
AC 4 96' (14/3)  
HD-SDI 10+ Short Patches (5' or less)  
HD-SDI 4 16'  
HD-SDI 3 24'  
HD-SDI 1 48' Belden  
HD-SDI 6 75' 1694 Belden or Canare  
HD-SDI 2 150'  
HD-SDI 2 200'  
Cat5e 5 50'  
Cat6e 2 100'  
Cat6e 2 150'  
Cat6e 4 200'  
HDMI M - DVI M 1 15'  
HDMI M - DVI M 3 Short  
DVI M - DVI M 20+ Short  
HDMI M - HDMI M 4 50'  
HDMI M - HDMI M 4 25'  
HDMI M - HDMI M 1 35'  
HDMI M - HDMI M 1 Short  
Soca Pex 24' 1 Soca Pex ends  
Soca Pex 50' 5 Soca Pex ends  
Soca Pex 75' 1 Soca Pex ends  
Soca Pex 100' 3 Soca Pex ends  
Soca Pex Tails 4 Female 19 pin to Male Edison   
Soca Pex Tails 4 Male 19 pin to Femail Edison  
Soca Pex Tails 2 Male 19 pin to  Female Nema L6-15 (twist lock 250V)  
Tourmalet  1 Male 19 pin to Femail Edison  
Tourmalet 1 Male 19 pin to Femail Twist lock 20A 125V  
L21-30 1 50' cable  
IEC 75+ Lots of them in the blue bin  
Audio Patch cables Lots  mini to 1/4, RCA, XLR M to RCA, XLR F to RCA, XLR M to mini, etc...  
Shure T4 to 1/4 adapter 2 For use with Shure UR1 Body packs  
Tri Taps 10+    
Power Bars 10+    
TPDS 1 Straight Blade Style, 50A 125/250V, Yellow  
Trigger Clamps 10    
C Clamps 5    
1490 CC01 3    
Rolling 4U Rack with 2 drawers 1    
Generic 2x2 3    
Generic 2x4 (Exposed wood) 3    
Generic 2x4 3    
3U shock mount rack sleeve 1    
Dual Speaker Case (fits 12" speaker cab) 3    
Dual Speaker Case (fits JBL VRX932P) 3    
Zebra Case 1    
Oddessy FZ12Mix Case 1    
Oddessy CDJ Case 3    
Oddessy FZ10MIX Case 1    


-  If you're bidding online for the first time, please sign up for an account at least 1 business day before the auction. 

-In an effort alleviate the current health concerns of public gatherings; Able Auctions encourages you to bid online at our upcoming auctions.   At our locations we will have hand sanitizer available and sanitation of all counters with disinfectant regularly.

We will expedite online approvals for first time online bidders (please ensure all your details match – credit card matches first & last name etc.) to ensure maximum participation.  You can also pay online with  Etransfer or a Visa or MC you register with your account – to expedite the pick up process.

- For this auction and future auctions we are insisting on Online Payment.  This can be done by a credit card on file, or E-transfer. Purchases over $999 must be paid with Etransfer, Wire or Direct Deposit. If you are successful at the auction on today you will receive an invoice via email.  The invoice will have details for sending an e-transfer.  If you would prefer to use your credit card on file, please respond to the emailed invoice with an email requesting we charge your credit card or call us at 604.881.2253 and let us know to charge the credit card on file.  

- 17% Buyers Premium plus GST 5% and PST 7% is charged on top of your bid price.

- This will allow your  pick up to be quick.  We will have a paid invoice ready for you.  Pick up is  by appointment only All items must be removed by  Friday or Saturday between 10:30am and 5:30pm.    After that there will be a storage fee of $50.00 per item per day. 

**Please make sure you are able to make your scheduled pick-up time.  Due to the amount of people rescheduling their pick-up times we find it necessary to implement a $50 rescheduling fee for rescheduling which will be donated to charity.  It is important for the health and safety of our staff and other bidders that you show up on time.  If you don’t make your scheduled time you will need to send an e transfer to $50 before you will be allowed to bid at future auctions. **

- our staff do not assist you in loading - please bring help if you need it and any boxes etc



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For further information please call: (604) 881-2253 or 1-800-910-1211

Items Subject to Additions & Deletions - Auction date and times may change.
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