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Sat. Jan. 16, 2021 | 9:30 AM
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19757 92A Ave, Langley, BC
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2018 Freightliner Cascadia  125 Tractor Vin 3akjgldr3jsjs2567 605,625km's  Automatic, Diesel, Refrigerator, Rd,Ac, No Icbc Decs, High Roof Sleeper Gvwr 24,176 Kg's,  front axle 6032, rear 9072  Video Preview

2006 Ford E-350 Super Duty, 3dr Cargo Van, White, Vin # 1ftss34l36ha91509 211,795kms, Gas, 5.4l, Auto Rd,Tw,Ac No Icbc Declarations

2003 Ford F-450 Superduty Xl, 2dr Flat Deck Pu, White, Vin # 1fdxf46s33ea85674 111,339kms, Gas, Auto Rd,Ac, Service Signs & Lights No Icbc Declarations

2011 Ford E-350 9pass Van, Blue, Vin # 1fbss3blxbda93170 Tmu, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Ra,Cc,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac Icbc Repaired Dec$2,734.38 1x Icbc No Details

2001 Ford F-450 Superduty, 4dr Dump Truck, White, Vin # 1fdxw47s01ec48597 121,371kms, Gas, V10 Triton, Auto Rd,Th,4w,Ac, Del Lift, Roll Up Cover, Torn Driver/Pass Seat, No Icbc Declarations

2008 Chevrolet Impala Ls, 4dr Sedan, Grey, Vin # 2g1wb58k181349085 Tmu, Gas, Flex Fuel, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac Icbc Repaired Decs $3,979.63 *Must Tow, No Keys, Not Roadworthy*

2006 Chevrolet Impala Lt, 4dr Sedan, Grey, Vin # 2g1wt58n169256296 Tmu, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac Icbc Repaired Decs $8,864.76, 1x Icbc No Details, *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy*

2004 Dodge Durango, Slt, 4dr Suv, Blue, Vin # 1d4hb48n94f207352 Tmu, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Th,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac 2x Icbc No Details, Icbc Repaired Decs $8,453.97, Icbc Est $120.80 *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy*

2011 Ford F-150 4x4 Xlt, 4dr Pu, Black, Vin # 1ftex1em4bfc96496 Tmu, Gas, Auto, 6cyl, No Steering ColumnRd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Th,Aw,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac Oop, *Has Bc Registration* *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy* No Driver Rear Window, Moldy Interior

2002 Toyota Camry Xle, 4dr Sedan, Grey, Vin # Jtdbe30k920078230 Tmu, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,Cr 3x Icbc No Details, Icbc Repaired Decs $7,596.01, Icbc Est $1,118.30 *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy*

2003 Mazda B2300, 2dr Pu, Grey, Vin # 4f4yr12d03rm102990 Tmu, Gas, Manual Rd,Cd,Aw, Icbc Est Ttl $8,271.76 Icbc Repaired Decs $6,642.51 *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy*

2002 Mazda Protege 5, 4dr Sw, Black, Vin # Jm1bj245921449715 Tmu, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Pl,Tw,Sr, Taped Sunroof, Scratch Front Bumper, Icbc Repaired Decs $6,596.14 *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy*

2002 Pontiac Aztek, 4dr Suv, White, Vin # 3g7da03e52s588882 Tmu, Gas, Auto, No Icbc Decs Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac Hole In Side Door, Smashed Windshield *Must Sign Declaration, Parts Only* *No Keys, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy*

2006 Ford F150, 2 Door Ext Cab Pickup. Red, Vin#1ftvx125x6nb32498 200,601 Kms, Gas, Auto, 5.4l Rd, Tw, Ac Big Dent On PassengerRear Panal, Dent Above Gas Cap, 2x Icbc No Detaiils

2013 Jaguar Xf, 4dr Sedan, Red, Viin # Sajxj0ef9d8u07297 16,857kms, Gas, 3.0l, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac,Lt,Sr,Hs No Icbc Declarations

2000 JCB forklift, yellow, diesel, does not run

Atv red



*Found in Each Vehicle Description According to that Lot’s Equipment*

AC - Air Conditioning, HS - Heated Seats, RA - Rear Air Conditioning, AW - Alloy Wheels, LT - Leather Trim, RD – Radio, CC - Cruise Control , PL - Power Locks, SR - Sun Roof, CD - Compact Disc, PS - Power Seats,TH - Trailer Hitch, CR - Cassette Radio, PW - Power Windows, TW - Tilt Wheel, DV - Digital Video, QS - Quad Seats, 4W - Four Wheel Drive, “NO DECS” – ‘NO DECLARATIONS’, At least one ICBC claim with no details recorded, “OOP” – ‘Out of Province’ “OOC” – ‘Out Of Country’, Vehicle has been registered outside BC but is now registered for BC, Or USA,“RE” – ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’ Salvage vehicle that has passed the Motor Vehicle Act Structural, DEC & DEC TTL (Declaration totaling) - The amount ICBC has on record for claims. These claims have been repaired & paid for unless otherwise noted. (If you purchase this vehicle you would not owe any amount for the DEC(s), EST & EST TTL -  Estimate. This is a claim that has been seen by ICBC that hasn’t been put through yet. Or they have gone elsewhere to do the repair work.ICBC NO DETAILS – This claim has been reported to ICBC and has been repaired at an Non-ICBC repair shop. All Vehicles are verified by Able Auctions to be free of any liens



The Auction at no time assumes responsibility for the odometer reading, year, make or model of any vehicle.  All vehicles do not meet the minimum requirements of the MVA. It is understood that repairs, some expensive, may be required to allow this vehicle to pass any required inspections, allowing it to be registered for road use in compliance with the MVA.

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