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19757 92A Ave, Langley, BC
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2005 Mazda 3, Black 4drsd, Gas, Standard, Vin#Jmibk12f751322730, 153,970kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac, Oop, Check Engine Light On

1985 Toyota Tercel, 2drhb, Gold, Gas, Automatic, Vin#Jt2al31g1f0352580, 49,263kms, Rd, Needs Tune Up, Won't Stay Running Low Idle Until Warmed Up, 2 X Icbc Repaired Declarations Totaling $2411.17

1985 Mercedes 500, Red, 4drsd, Gas, Automatic, Vin#Wdbca37d5fa135920, 165,609kms, Rd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Ac,Lt,Sr,Cr, Oop, Eligible For Collector Plates 2 Icbc Repaired Declarations Totaling $4630.30, Complete Repair History Available from New, Eligible for Collector Plates 

2008 Ford Escape, 4drsw, Red, V6, Gas, Automatic, Vin#1fmcu94158ka50431, 261,175kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac,Lt, Ooc,No Icbc Declarations

2007 Lincoln Mkz Awd, 4dr Sedan, Grey, Vin # 3lnhm28tx7r650428 283,362kms, Gas, Auto, Out Of Province, Has Bc Registration, Icbc Repaired Decs $8,502.30,  Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl, Tw,4w,Aw, Ac, Lt,Sr, Hs, Spongy Brakes, Front End Noise, Dw Stuck, Awd

1999 Mercedes E320w, Blue (Black), 4drsd, Gas, Automatic, Vin#Wdbjf65h3xa839860 189,449kms, Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac,Lt,Sr,Hs, Engine Fan Light On, 3 Icbc Repaired Declarations Totaling $8678.03 *Engine Fan Light Is On* Sticky Wind

2001 Kubota F3060 Tractor, Orange, Vin # 30736 4,437kms, Diesel, Has Rear Problems Has Mower Attachment *Has Registration*

2000 Ford 2whdr, Dump Truck, White, Vin # 1fdxf46f6yec39661 188,260kms, Diesel, V8, Auto X-City, Cc,Tw,Ac,Cr No Icbc Declarations

2003 John Deere 4106, Backhoe, T0410gx923228 1,668hrs, Diesel, Manual, X-City 4w, Missing Batt Cover, Gage Glass Broken, 4x4, Ride Control, Extend Hoe, 4in1 Bucket, Aux Hydraulics, Quick Change Bucket, *Has Registration*

2004 Mazda Rx8, 4dr Coupe, Black, Vin # Jm1fe17n040137965 121,209kms, Gas, Automatic Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Ps,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac,Lt,Hs Radio Doesn’t Work, Icbc Repaired Declarations $5,399.27 Icbc Estimate $306.97, New Tires, Alter. & Batt

2003 Hyundai Accent, 2dr Hatchback, Blue, Vin # Kmhcg35g83u250594 160,883kms, Gas, Manual Rd,Cr, 1x Icbc No Details, Icbc Repaired Declarations $1,424.39

2003 Stoughton 53' Trailer

2002 Manac 53' Trailer

1997 Stoughton 53' Trailer

1996 Utility 53" Trailer


*Found in Each Vehicle Description According to that Lot’s Equipment*

AC - Air Conditioning, HS - Heated Seats, RA - Rear Air Conditioning, AW - Alloy Wheels, LT - Leather Trim, RD – Radio, CC - Cruise Control , PL - Power Locks, SR - Sun Roof, CD - Compact Disc, PS - Power Seats,TH - Trailer Hitch, CR - Cassette Radio, PW - Power Windows, TW - Tilt Wheel, DV - Digital Video, QS - Quad Seats, 4W - Four Wheel Drive, “NO DECS” – ‘NO DECLARATIONS’, At least one ICBC claim with no details recorded, “OOP” – ‘Out of Province’ “OOC” – ‘Out Of Country’, Vehicle has been registered outside BC but is now certified for BC, Or USA,“RE” – ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’ Salvage vehicle that has passed the Motor Vehicle Act Structural, DEC & DEC TTL (Declaration totaling) - The amount ICBC has on record for claims. These claims have been repaired & paid for unless otherwise noted. (If you purchase this vehicle you would not owe any amount for the DEC(s), EST & EST TTL -  Estimate. This is a claim that has been seen by ICBC that hasn’t been put through yet. Or they have gone elsewhere to do the repair work.ICBC NO DETAILS – This claim has been reported to ICBC and has been repaired at an Non-ICBC repair shop. All Vehicles are verified by Able Auctions to be free of any liens


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