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Sat. Mar. 20, 2021 | 9:30 AM
Preview: Friday March 19th, 2021 9am - 4:30pm *Masks are Mandatory*
19757 92A Ave, Langley, BC
auction expired

All tires are subject to **$5/TIRE ECO-LEVY WILL BE CHARGED**


Hankook Ventus V12 Evo (K110 275/40R19 105 Y Xl

Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season 275/35R18 95 W

Flaken Ziex Ze-912 255/60R18 112v

Bridgestone Potenza Re760 235/45R17 94 W

Falken Fk-452 235/60r16 100w Summer

Hankook Ventus V12 Ev0 (K110) 245/35r18 92 Y Xl

Falken Eurowinter Hs439 225/40r18 92 V

Falken Ziex Ze-912 205/65r16 82h

Falken Azenis Rt-615k 265/35r18 97w

Pirelli W210 Sottozero Ser II 225/55r17 97 H

Falken Eurowinter Hs439 205/60r15 91h Winter

Falken Ziex Ze-912 255/60r19 108 H

Falken Ziex Ze-912 255/65r18 109 H

Falken Ziex Ze-912 255/60r18 112 V

Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow 255/60r17 106 H

Falken Espia Epz 225/60r16 98q Winter

Falken Euowinter Hs439 225/45r17 94 V

Hankook Icebear W300 235/60r16 100 H

Falken Eurowinter Hs439 225/65r17 102 H

Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero Series II 225/50r17 98

Firestone Winterforce Uv 235/65r16 101 S

Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season 255/45r18 99 V

Hankook Icebear W300 235/45r17 97 V

Falken Sincera Sn211 235/50r17 95 T

Falken Espia Epz 185/65r14 86q Winter

Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season 245/45r17 95 W

Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051 255/70r18 S 112

Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2 (D696) P245/70r17

Falken Ziex Ze-912 215/65r17 98 H

Falken Ziex Ze-912 245/55r19 103 H

Toyo Proxes S/T II 285/60r18 116 V

Falken Espia Epz 185/60r15 84q Winter

Winterquest Ice+Snow 235/65r16

Toyo Proxes S/T Il 285/60r17 114 V

Falken Ziex Ze-912 215/55r18 95 H

Hercules Ironman Radial A/P P245/70r17 110 T

Nexen Roadian Ht P265/65r18 112 S

Toyo Extensa Hp 245/45r17 95 W

Falken Fk-452 245/45r18 100 Y

Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo Lt285/75r16 126

Fuzion Hri 205/50r16 87 H

Falken Eurowinter Hs439 215/60r17 96 H

Pirelli Scorpion Atr 265/70r16 112 T

Pirelli Scorpion Atr P245/70r17 108 T

Pirelli Scorpion Atr Lt245/70r17 119r

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Zz 255/55r19 111 V

Pirelli Scorpion Atr 255/55r18 109 H

Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051 P245/75r16 109s

Pirelli Scorpion Str 265/60r18 110 H



-  If you're bidding online for the first time, please sign up for an account at least 1 business day before the auction. 

-In an effort alleviate the current health concerns of public gatherings; Able Auctions encourages you to bid online at our upcoming auctions.   At our locations we will have hand sanitizer available and sanitation of all counters with disinfectant regularly.

We will expedite online approvals for first time online bidders (please ensure all your details match – credit card matches first & last name etc.) to ensure maximum participation.  You can also pay online with  Etransfer or a Visa or MC you register with your account – to expedite the pick up process.

- For this auction and future auctions we are insisting on Online Payment.  This can be done by a credit card on file, or E-transfer. Purchases over $999 must be paid with Etransfer, Wire or Direct Deposit. If you are successful at the auction on Saturday you will receive an invoice via email.  The invoice will have details for sending an e-transfer.  If you would prefer to use your credit card on file, please respond to the emailed invoice with an email requesting we charge your credit card or call us at 604.881.2253 and let us know to charge the credit card on file. 

- This will allow your  pick up to be quick.  We will have a paid invoice ready for you.  Pick up is auction day until 7:00pm, & Monday 9:00-4:30 by appointment.  After that there will be a storage fee of $50.00 per item per day. 

**Please make sure you are able to make your scheduled pick-up time.  Due to the amount of people rescheduling their pick-up times we find it necessary to implement a $50 rescheduling fee for rescheduling.  It is important for the health and safety of our staff and other bidders that you show up on time.  If you don’t make your scheduled time you will need to send an e transfer to $50 before you will be allowed to bid at future auctions. **



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For further information please call: (604) 881-2253 or 1-800-910-1211

Items Subject to Additions & Deletions - Auction date and times may change.
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