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Sat. Jul. 18, 2020 | 9:30 AM
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19757 92A Ave, Langley, BC

2008 Volkswagen Eos 2.0t, 2dr Convertible, White, Vin WVWBA71F08V047853 171,639km's  Gas, Automatic Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc.Aw.Pl,Tw,Ac,Lt,Sr,Hs 2 Icbc Decs Ttl 2667.29

2008 Ford Econoline E150 Van, White, Vin # 1FTNS14W58DB28078 191,701kms, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac, Scratched Rear Bumper Icbc Repaired Declarations Ttl $5,464.51

2008 Ford E-250 Superduty 3dr Van, White, Vin # 1FTNS24L68DB40672 195,475kms, Gas, Auto Rd,Tw,Ac, Hole In Back Door Pass Side Oop, Has Bc Registration, Icbc Repaired Declarations Ttl $2,386.13

2007 Toyota Tundra Sr5 Iforce, 2dr Pu, White, Vin # 5TBBT54197S454358 321,680kms, Gas, Auto, V8 Rd,Cd,Pw,Th,Qs,Pl,Tw,4w,Ac Oop, Has Bc Registration Icbc Estimate Ttl $1,289.00

2006 Ford 550 Xl Superduty 2dr, Garbage Truck, White , Vin # 1FDAF56P66EB32949 124,909kms, Diesel, V8 Powerstroke, Turbo Diesel, Auto, Rd, Cc, Tw,Ac, Haull-All Garbage Compactor, Model # Ha14l No Icbc Declarations

2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Hd Ls, 4dr Pu, Grey, Vin # 1GCHK23162F188603 361,188kms, Duramax Diesel, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Th,Aw,Pl,Tw,Ac, Scratches All Over, Missing Radio Knob, Icbc Repaired Declarations $5,591.82

2008 Autocar Xpeditor, Garbage Truck, Orange, Vin #5VCDC6KE68H206251 8,398miles, Diesel, Auto Rd, Ac, 1 X Icbc No Details Tandem Axle. Heil Packer Body

2007 Sterling Ton Truck, White, Vin # 2FZACGCT37AY09049 580,728kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Ac, No Icbc Declarations

2010 Peterbuilt Pb 320, Garbage Truck, White, Vin # 3BPZL00X6AF719929 127,120kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Dv,Cc,Ac, No Icbc Declarations Air Brakes, Right Hand Drive, Labrie Mechanical Arm, Expert 2000t Tandem Axel, Side Loading Refuse Bussle Back & Helping Hand Arm

2010 Peterbuilt Pb 320, Garbage Truck, White, Vin # 3BPZL00X1AF719921 127,669kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Dv,Cc,Ac, No Icbc Declarations Air Brakes, Right Hand Drive, Labrie Mechanical Arm, Expert 2000t Tandem Axel, Side Loading Refuse Bussle Back & Helping Hand Arm

2010 Peterbuilt Pb 320, Garbage Truck, White, Vin # 3BPZL00X2AF719927 121,066kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Dv,Cc,Ac, 3x Icbc No Details Air Brakes, Right Hand Drive, Labrie Mechanical Arm, Expert 2000t Tandem Axel, Side Loading Refuse Bussle Back & Helping Hand Arm

2009 Freightliner Mt45, Box/Cube Van, White, Vin # 4UZAAPDU89CAH1718 126,949kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Cd,Cc, Powered With Service Boxes No Icbc Declarations Step Van. Itb Body. Interior Shelves Exterior Storage Compartments

2003 Ford E-450, Cube Van, White, Vin # 1FDWE45F43HA68416 70,453miles, Diesel, Auto Rd,Cd,Tw,Ac, Icbc Estimate $1,488.41 Box Van C/W Work Bench, Office, Onan Genset & 2 Piece Washroom

2006 Autocar Xpeditor, Garbage Truck, Orange, Vin # 5VCDC6BEX6H202393 134,693kms, Diesel, Auto 25933.1engine Hours, Tandem Axle. Group Chagnon Cre25 Packer Body

2005 Ford E-450 Superduty, Box Van, White, Vin # 1FDXE45P55HB04260 207,256kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Tw,Ac, Right Side Drivers Door Doesnt Close, No Icbc Declarations

2000 Ford E-450, Cube Van, White, Vin # 1FDXE45F4YHB06237 206,493kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Ac, Does Not Start, Engine Issues, Must Tow, Not Roadworthy

2006 Sterling 5ton Van, White, Vin # 2FZACGCS86AV48684 541,647kms, Diesel, Manual Rd, Out Of Province, Has Bc Registration No Icbc Declarations

2002 Ubilt, Utility Trailer, Red, Vin # 2BG6040702U618598 11'5"Lx 5'w, Small Ubilt Water Tank Trailer, 3500lb With Surge Brakes, Aluminium Deck, 225gal Water Tank, 325gal Premium Tank

2013 Gmc Sierra, Pickup, Grey/Blue, Vin # 3GTP1UEAXDG179363 83,055kms, Gas, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac Tag On Steering Wheel Says Transmission Damaged Must Tow, Icbc Repaired Declarations $5,595.04

2007 Gmc Sierra 3500 Sle, Flat Deck Truck, Red, Vin # 1GDJC34D17E133885 333,255kms, Diesel, Auto Rd,Cd,Pw,Cc,Pl,Tw,Ac Icbc Est $299.52, Icbc Repaired Declarations $6,885.67



*Found in Each Vehicle Description According to that Lot’s Equipment*

AC - Air Conditioning, HS - Heated Seats, RA - Rear Air Conditioning, AW - Alloy Wheels, LT - Leather Trim, RD – Radio, CC - Cruise Control , PL - Power Locks, SR - Sun Roof, CD - Compact Disc, PS - Power Seats,TH - Trailer Hitch, CR - Cassette Radio, PW - Power Windows, TW - Tilt Wheel, DV - Digital Video, QS - Quad Seats, 4W - Four Wheel Drive, “NO DECS” – ‘NO DECLARATIONS’, At least one ICBC claim with no details recorded, “OOP” – ‘Out of Province’ “OOC” – ‘Out Of Country’, Vehicle has been registered outside BC but is now certified for BC, Or USA,“RE” – ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’ Salvage vehicle that has passed the Motor Vehicle Act Structural, DEC & DEC TTL (Declaration totaling) - The amount ICBC has on record for claims. These claims have been repaired & paid for unless otherwise noted. (If you purchase this vehicle you would not owe any amount for the DEC(s), EST & EST TTL -  Estimate. This is a claim that has been seen by ICBC that hasn’t been put through yet. Or they have gone elsewhere to do the repair work.ICBC NO DETAILS – This claim has been reported to ICBC and has been repaired at an Non-ICBC repair shop. All Vehicles are verified by Able Auctions to be free of any liens



The Auction at no time assumes responsibility for the odometer reading, year, make or model of any vehicle.  All vehicles do not meet the minimum requirements of the MVA. It is understood that repairs, some expensive, may be required to allow this vehicle to pass any required inspections, allowing it to be registered for road use in compliance with the MVA.


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We will expedite online approvals for first time online bidders (please ensure all your details match – credit card matches first & last name etc.) to ensure maximum participation.  You can also pay online with Etransfer or a Visa or MC you register with your account – to expedite the pick up process.

- For this auction and future auctions we are insisting on Online Payment.  This can be done by a credit card on file,  or E-transfer. Purchases over $999 must be paid with Etransfer, Wire or Direct Deposit. If you are successful at the auction on Saturday you will receive an invoice via email.  The invoice has details for sending an e-transfer.  If you would prefer to use your credit card on file, please respond to the emailed invoice with an email requesting we charge your credit card or call us at 604.881.2253 and let us know to charge the credit card on file.  If you would like to use a different credit card you can add it to your profile and make it your preferred payment method.

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- our staff do not assist you in loading - please bring help if you need it and any boxes etc


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