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Wed. Nov. 14, 2018 | 1:00 PM
Preview: Wednesday November 14th, 10:00 AM to Sale Time
228 E. Esplanade Ave, North Vancouver, BC
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Pennzoil 500 Litre bulk oil pump, container
45 Gallon oil drum hand pumps
Waste Oil Barrel
Waste Oil Filter Barrel
Salvage Drum
Two shelves above waste oil tank
Oil catch basins
Bench with shelf underneath and shelving above 8' x 2 1/2'
Touch up paints
Misc. Sprays:  Vinyl, Enamel, Lacquer
Misc. car polish
Glass Repair Kit
Feim 7 inch polisher & buffer
1.5 watt solar charger
Misc. shop cleaners
18 litre pails
Gas Cans, 2 large, 1 medium, 3 small
Heavy Duty engine degreaser 18.9 litre
#2 lion chain spool
Doyle, model 73A industrial vacuum
Aquafresh carpet shampooer
Liquid Steam emulsifier
Steel Wool
3 sections of 6 foot metal shelves with misc used parts
3 sets 5 ton jack stands
1 set 3 ton jack stand
3 3 ton floor jacks
20 ton hydraulic jack
Symtech headlight aligner
2 ton engine hoist
Strongarm 1/2 ton Transmission jack
Strongarm lift stand
Allen diagnostic center
2 Atec fast chargers
Snap-on AVR Digital MT 1552
Strongarm engine cradle
2 Wheel steps for Trucks
Strongarm 15 ton press
Bench with shelf underneath 7 3/4' x 2 1/4
24 " MAP drill press Serial T7 33
Dewalt 3/8 drill
Craftsman engine analyzer
Makita skill saw
Safety Kleen parts washer Model 16.3 Serial 16410107
12' mounted shelf with 28 used tires
10' extension ladder
6' step ladder
FMC B-601 brake lathe
5 misc. exhaust expanders
Mars rad pressure tester and 12 adapters
Blue point vac pump/Bluepoint 1/2 inch impact gun
shop vac 2.0 HP
Nut buddy truck wheel nut remover
Subaru crank pulley remover
4 WD Lock nut socket set
OTC 3" ball joint service st
Blue point caliper service set/
Lisle alternatorodecoupler service kit
KD puller set, PS and alternator
Rear axel bearing remover set
MAC front hub installer kit
Rayteck heat temp. gun
OTC 100 multimeter
MAC, valve guide keeper removal set
OTC multimeter
Exhaust pressure tester
Cylinder pressure loader
3' x 1 1/2' x 1 1/2' metal shelf
40 vintage repair manuals
Misc. grinder discs
Red Sears Craftsman Tool Caddy:
15 misc auto pullers
2 sets nut removal kits
2 nut stud removers
2 CU removal tools
MAC ridge reamer
10 Misc. 1/2, 3/4 drive large sockets
GM cam puller
7 wheel nut torque sticks
Belt installer
24 Misc. oil filter removal tools
Belt tensioner removal tool
Wheel stud installer set
Belt Tensioner tool
Lock pick set
10 PS pulley removal, install tools
Misc. brake pliers
Misc. large allen keys
4 hose pinch clamp pliers
30 piece drill bit set
Seal installer kit
Steering wheel puller kit
Steering wheel lock plate remover
3 micrometers
2 Lincoln grease guns and misc. adapters
Shop Vac, Engine
ARO air pressure pump
Grey cabinet on wall outside office
Cabinet 5' x 1  1/6' x 5 1/3'
Cabinet 5' x2' x 3/4'
2 Blue point screw extractor kits
Blue point gasket punch set
Blue point metric tap, die set
Blue point standard tap, die set
Fuel injection line repair kit
Diesel compression tester set
Eastman tubing tool kit
Snap-on compression tester set
Snap-on oil pressure test kit
Block tester kit
Misc. first aid kits
44 General repair manuals (Chilton, Motor)
OTC fuel injection test kit
Pen ray fuel injector cleaner kit
Fuel line disconnect set
Brake pressure test kit
OTC perception lab scope
Mac digital timing light
OTC 500 multimeter
OTC battery reset tool
OTC Genisys 2012
OTC monitor 4000
24" + 36" craftsman pry bars
Mitchell import electrical 1976-1996 (11 manuals)
Mitchel import engine performance 1988-1999 (13 manuals)
Mitchell domestic engine performance 1989-1998 (8 manuals)
Mitchell domestic electrical 1967-1993 (11 manuals)
Mitchell truck electrical  1980-1995
Mitchell miscellaneous manuals (12)
Fluke 98 automotive labscope
2 OTC Scan tools
Stock Room
5 Battery jump cables
Gates autometrik belt selector
Wall bracket 16 feet/misc. hoses and belts
10 Fuse holders
Bluestreak wall mounted cabinet, 2 shelves 2 2/3' x 1 1/2'
Electrical supplies
Parts book holder - 20 misc parts books
Miscellaneous connectors
Bluestreak metal cabinet with shelves 2 5/12' x 2 5/6'
39 piece clutch alignment set
9 seal stops
3 rivet kits
Staple gun
1/2 " skill drill
1/2" craftsman drill
Makita 4 " grinder
2 soldering guns
Ingasol round air hammer
Snap-on 1/4" air drill
MAC 2" air cut off tool
Black & Decker HD 6" grinder
4 slide hammers
Snap-on spring compressor
Hasting coil spring compressor
Tool aid 18" HD rivet inverters
Ride height kit
2 hose cutters
South Wall
3' x 3.5' x 1' mounted metal cabinet
Kent 3 shelf metal cabinet 2.5' x 11/6' x 1 1/12'
Metal box 1.5' x 1' x3.5"
Hard plaster cabinet 1 1/3' x 1' x 6"
South Bemch by Window
Dewalt 3/8 cordless drill
Carburetor service kit
18 piece 3/4" socket set
17 Heli coil repair kits
2 Creepers
6" vice
Snap-on Bluepoint 6" grinder
2 Valve Spring compressors
Assorted clamps
Hack Saw
48" level
4 Jack stands
Vacuum pump brake bleeder kit
FMC 8500 Tire changer
Coats 40-40A tire changer
Jericho 100 wheel balancer
Energair 5B, 50E, 60B 2 stage compressor
Tire repair kit and tire holder
6" vise
Welding Torches
Gear oil pump
Stealth 9000 lbs offset hoist
Rotary 6000 lbs center hoist
Rotary 10000 lbs offset hoist
Craftsman upper/lower tool chest
Beach lower tool chest
Snap-on upper, lower tool chest
Trouble lights
2 air hoses
2 movable work carts
2 metal battery stands
Jerico 721 Tire Machine
Snap-on metal tool chest cabinet
8000.oo retail snap-on and Mac Tools


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Items Subject to Additions & Deletions - Auction date and times may change.

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